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Select the employee from the employee list and click on the Employee tab to display an employee's information.


The employee information is organized into tabs.


  • Main – contains the information necessary to calculate an employee’s time which includes their pay rule, base schedule, holiday group and accrual group
  • Clock Info – the clock ID and clock assignment to match an employee with a user at the time clock
  • Status – contains employment (hires / terminations) history
  • History – maintain historical information on employee’s labor levels, pay rule, base schedule, holiday, and accrual settings
  • Pay Rates – maintain historical gross pay rate information on the employee.
  • Work Pattern – information about the frequency and length of an employee’s regularly worked days and shifts
  • Scheduling – information about the employee’s master schedule, and planned absences
  • Contact Info – address, phone numbers, and emergency contact information
  • Employment – human resource information, such as I-9, health, licensing and in services
  • Journal – maintain date based notes on an employee
  • Misc. – miscellaneous information that does not apply to the other tabs
  • Authorizations – control what an employee can do within the software, from no access to full administrative access
  • Custom Tabs – additional tabs displayed that are custom to your software installation




Red Tabs

Employee tabs that are in red are locked and their information cannot be changed, only viewed. This happens when another software user was on the employee before you and only they are able to edit the employee. You can hover with your mouse on the red tab to see which user is locking the employee, and you can ask that user to click off from the employee, allowing to unlock it. If that other user is not currently on the employee but it still appears locked, you can force the software to release the lock with the Time and Attendance button (top-left corner). Please note that forcing the software to release the lock when another user is in the middle of editing the employee, might damage the information on that employee. Only release locks when you are sure that the user who is locking it is not in the middle of editing.

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