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The Clock Info tab is where the employee is associated with a clock ID that the employee uses at one or more of the time clocks.


Clock ID – A popup screen appears where you enter the Clock ID. You cannot leave this screen until the clock ID is validated.

Clock Assignment – the time clocks that the employee can use. By default, all time clocks are selected. If additional time clocks are added to the system, an employee that has all clocks currently assigned will automatically be assigned to the new time clocks, but an employee who was assigned to only some clocks will not be assigned to newly added clocks.

Authority Level – if the employee performs supervisor functions at the time clocks, then assign the necessary level.

Punching Zone – available only with the HP4000, this restricts the employee to punching within zones.

Threshold – a value of 0 uses the global threshold level of the HandPunch. This allows an individual employee to have a higher threshold to accommodate punching problems.