Accrual Annual Entitlements Configuration

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The annual entitlement configuration provides a table based view of the non date-based entitlement levels. Each annual entitlement is comprised of an accrual group, an accrual pay type, the from month, the to month, and the number of days entitlement. Minimum and maximum shift count is provided to apply an entitlement based on the employee’s shift history, e.g. only full timers accrue personal days.

The entitlements can be overridden at the employee level.


Sort Order - If there are multiple lines for the same accrual group and pay type, then the lower numbered line will override the higher numbered line. #1 will override #2.

Min. Emp. Hours / Max. Emp. Hours - the employee's work pattern must be between the min and max to qualify for the Entitlement. (Shift Count x Daily Hours).

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