Accrual Periods Configuration

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Accruals calculate within each accrual period. Each accrual period is assigned to an Accrual Year. The number of accrual periods in an accrual year determines how the accrual earnings will be proportioned throughout the year. For example, some years you will have 53 weekly accrual periods.

Accrual Period Group


Accrual Period Group ID – the identifier for the accrual period group.

Start Date – the date to start building the accrual periods from.

Period Type – the basis for building the accrual periods

Full Time Shift Count – the number of shifts that an employee works in this accrual period.

Accrual Periods


Year – the year to build the accrual periods for.

Build – generates the accrual periods for the selected year. This clears any dates on or after the start date.

Clear Year – this will clear the entire year.

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