Audit Reports

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Audit Overview

One audit log record is maintained for each change made within the software. The audit log contains the following information:

Computer Date and Time – the computer's time when the change was made.

Database Date and Time – the time on the database server when the audit record was added.

User Identifier – the unique identifier of the user that created the audit entry. If the system created the audit entry then this value is 0.

Computer Name – the name of the computer that the software is running on.

Computer Login Name – the current login on the computer.

Employee Identifier – as the majority of changes are for an employee, we maintain the unique identifier of the employee in each audit entry.

Object – a textual description of the Object that was added, edited, or modified. In most cases, this represents the table name in the database.

Object Identifier – the unique identifier of the Object. In most cases, this represents the key of the table record.

Method – in most cases, this represents the name of the column in the table. Two special methods are New and Deleted (note - most deletes are soft deletes so that that the audit log can provide information on deleted objects).

Previous Value – the value (if any) of the Method for the Object before it was changed.

Current Value – the value that the Method of the Object was changed to.

The audit reports display the auditing records in a friendly and understandable format. For example, they show the employee name rather than the employee identifier. The reports are still of a technical nature so, if you are trying to resolve some issue regarding identifying who and when a change was made within the software, then you may need to contact technical support to correctly identify where the responsibility for a change lies.

Accrual Configuration Audit

Audit By Pay Date

The reports on the changes made to pay date based information like the punches, hours and schedules. This allows you to see the changes that were made based not on when they were made, but based on what pay dates were affected by the changes, e.g. the current pay period.

Comment Audit By Pay Date

Configuration Audit

Shows the changes made to all the configuration information based on the date the changes were made.

Employee Accrual Audit

Employee Audit

Shows the changes made to the employee information that is not pay date based.

Employee Schedule Pattern Audit

Employees With Authorizations

Login Audit

Shows the logging in and out of the software as well as any attempts to login with incorrect User ID or password. Note: no password information is displayed in this report.

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