Employee Custom Types Configuration

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This topic is for advanced users


The employee custom types configuration allows you to define custom fields that will appear on the custom tabs.

Employee Custom Type ID – the label displays with this name.

Control Type – the type of control to use for editing.

  • Calendar Combo – a date selection control.
  • Checkbox – a standard checkbox control.
  • Drop Down – a drop down control that displays a list of items.
  • Edit Box – a standard edit box with no editing restrictions.
  • Masked Edit Box – a masked edit box that uses the Format/Mask setting.
  • Format/Mask – used only by the Masked Edit Box. The mask characters are:

0 – digit (0-9), entry required

  1. – digit (0-9) or space, entry optional

L – letter (A-Z), entry required

? – letter (A-Z), entry optional

A – letter or digit, entry required

a – letter or digit, entry optional

& – any character or space, entry required

C – any character or space, entry optional

. – decimal separator placeholder

, – thousands separator placeholder

– time separator placeholder

/ – date separator placeholder

\ – display the character as a literal. Use this to display one of the characters above as a literal and not as part of the mask.

Custom Tab – the tab that the control will appear within.

Control Left / Top / Width / Height – the placement and size of the control used for editing.

Label Left – the left coordinate of the label. The top coordinate of the label is taken from Control Top.

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