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The Main tab contains the employee information needed to identify an employee and to ensure that the calculations will be correct.


Employee ID – this is generally the ID used in your payroll system. All employees must have a unique ID. A popup screen appears when you edit this field, and you cannot leave the popup screen until the ID is validated.

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name – these are editable fields for entering the employee’s full name.

Tag – a field to further identify or "tag" the employee, (useful when you have two employees with the same name).

Full Name – a display only field that displays the first name, initial, last name and tag fields, and is not editable.

Labor Levels – the employee's placement within each labor level defined in the software.

Pay Rule – a drop down list of pay rules. The pay rule determines the employee’s pay period, their rounding rules and how to calculate punches in relation to their schedule.

Base Schedule – a drop down list of base schedule groups. The base schedules include the start and end times, the break and lunch rules and the pay types to pay.

Holiday Group – a drop down list of holiday groups. The holiday group contains the list of holidays paid to the employee.

Accrual Group – a drop down list of accrual groups. The accrual group determines the number of hours that the employee accumulates based on the rules of that group.

Status – the employee’s current status. This is determined from the employee status history.

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