HandPunch Maintenance

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The HandPunch should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Please follow these cleaning guidelines:

  • Do NOT use a harsh cleaner or a cleaner containing alcohol. Prolonged use of products like this will dull the finish on the platen (the place where the hand is placed). A product like Windex works well.
  • Do NOT spray the cleaning product directly onto the HandPunch. Instead, spray onto a cloth or paper towel.
  • Clean the platen, the mirror to the left of the platen, the area above where the hand is placed, and wipe down the machine overall including the keypad and the display.
  • If an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is provided near the HandPunch, encourage the employees to use this AFTER they punch. This eliminates a buildup of the lotion on the platen, and eliminates damage to the platen from any alcohol in the hand sanitizer.

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