Labor Levels Configuration

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The Labor Levels configuration is where you setup the labor level items you require within each labor level. For each labor level defined in the System configuration, a menu item will be available to manage the items within that labor level.


Labor Level ID – the short identifier or number for the labor level, e.g. 2000.

Labor Level Description – the longer text based identifier for the labor level, e.g. Maintenance.

Scheduler ID – this is an alternate ID used for identification primarily when using the Scheduling module. For example, if the department number is 3838 and the description is Certified Nurse Aides, then a shorter identifier could be CNA.

Time Clocks – allows a relationship between the labor level and time clocks to be enforced. This allows an employee to be assigned to specific time clocks based on the following rules:

  1. If a facility level is being used, then employees will only be assigned to the time clocks that are assigned to the employee's facility.
  1. For all other labor levels, an employee is cumulatively assigned to each time clock that is assigned to any of their labor levels (but, if a facility level is being used, then each clock must be assigned at their facility level).
  1. If an employee does not have any assignment based on every one of their labor levels, except for their facility level, then they will be assigned to every time clock assigned to their facility.
  1. If the facility does not have any time clock assignments, then the employee's time clock assignments remain unchanged.

Color – primarily used in custom reports, this allows a color to be used when displaying this labor level.



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