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Q: How do I rehire an inactive employee?

A: Display the inactive employee by selecting the Inactive status in User Preferences and clicking Apply. You will now be able to find the employee in the employees list. On the employee's Status tab, add an Active status entry. You can now return to User Preferences, unselect the Inactive status, and click Apply to hide all the inactive employees. Video

Q: Why can I not enter a clock ID number starting with a 0 (zero) in the software but I can start with a zero at the time clock?

A: The HandPunch time clock disregards any zeroes entered at the start of a number, i.e. 1234 and 001234 are considered to be the same number at the HandPunch. However, in our software, 1234 and 001234 would be considered to be two different numbers. As such, we do not allow you to start a clock ID number with a 0 (zero) in the software.

Q: After an employee punches on the HandPunch, it displays a SCORE in the display, what does this SCORE mean?

A: The SCORE represents the difference between the hand image stored in the HandPunch and the hand image from the punch. If an employees was able to place their hand identically positioned every time that they punched then their score would be 0 (zero). Because employees always place their hand slightly different each time they punch, their score will generally be under 50. Scores abov50 may indicate that the employee is placing their hand very differently than they used to, such as starting to curve their hand, or not sliding their hand in all the way up to the pins.

Q: Does the HandPunch use the fingerprints?

A: No, the HandPunch uses the shape of the hand such as the length and width of the fingers, the width and height of the back of the hand and stores these measurements as 9 numbers. It is a one way measurement, it is impossible to reconstruct the hand shape from the numbers.

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