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Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for an enrollment session.

  • You can enroll one person or a group of people during an enrollment session.
  • Each user must have a unique personal identification (clock ID) number. It will save you considerable time if you assign the ID numbers in advance.
  • The HandPunch will not accept two people with the same ID number.
  • If you enroll people using the last four digits of their phone numbers or social security numbers, you may get duplicate numbers.

If you have any questions on the enrollment or anything in this document, please call 914-777-2121 x3.


To enroll an employee you need to access the supervisor menu.

  1. From the main screen, which says (ENTER ID), press Clear THEN Enter. (NOT Clear and Enter at the same time)
  2. If you see ENTER PASSWORD in the display then there are no users currently enrolled in the HandPunch. You will first need to enroll yourself. Skip to step #7.
  3. You should see a star symbol (*) on the bottom line of the display. If you do not then go back to step #1.
  4. Enter in your Clock ID and press Enter.
  5. The displays shows PLACE HAND. Place your hand.
  6. You should see ENTER PASSWORD in the display.
  7. The password is the number 4. Press 4 then press Enter.
  8. You will see ADD EMPLOYEE in the display. If you want to add an employee and NOT add a user that needs to enroll other people then answer Yes (#). If you are the first person being enrolled, or you want to enroll someone that will be enrolling other people, then answer No (*) and answer the next question (ADD SUPERVISOR) with Yes (*).
  9. Enter in the clock ID of the person you are enrolling and press Enter. If you see SORRY CAN'T ADD in the display, the clock ID is already being used.
  10. You will see PLACE HAND in the display. The person being enrolled places their hand and the display shows REMOVE HAND. The person being enrolled will need to place and remove their hand 3 times to complete the enrollment.
  11. The display will return to the question (ADD EMPLOYEE / ADD SUPERVISOR). To get from the ADD SUPERVISOR menu to the ADD EMPLOYEE menu, press No (*) twice.
  12. Press Clear to exit from the supervisor menu.

Un-Enrolling & Re-Enrolling

To re-enroll a person, you first need to remove them from the HandPunch.

  1. From the main screen, which says (ENTER ID), press Clear then Enter.
  2. You should be a star symbol (*) on the bottom line of the display. If you do not then go back to step #1.
  3. Enter in your clock ID and press Enter.
  4. The displays shows PLACE HAND. Place your hand.
  5. You should see ENTER PASSWORD in the display.
  6. The password is the number 4. Press 4 then press Enter.
  7. You will see ADD EMPLOYEE in the display.
  8. Answer No (*) twice.
  9. You will see REMOVE USER in the display.
  10. Answer Yes (#).
  11. You will see REMOVE ID # in the display.
  12. Enter the clock ID of the person you wish to remove and press Enter. *IMPORTANT* - do NOT enter your clock ID.
  13. You will see USER REMOVED in the screen briefly and then the display will return to REMOVE ID #.
  14. If you have another person that you want to remove then enter their clock ID, otherwise press Clear to get back to the REMOVE USER menu.
  15. Press No (*) and you will be at the ADD EMPLOYEE menu. You can now enroll the people that you removed.

Employee Education

The HandPunch is easy to use and non-threatening. However, most people have never used a biometric HandPunch. Training employees on how the HandPunch works and how to use it will eliminate most fears and concerns before they occur. Inform the employees of these facts.

  • The HandPunch reads the shape of the hand, not the fingerprints or palm prints.
  • It does not identify people, it confirms identity.
  • It scans with an invisible light of the type used in TV remote controls.
  • It does not transfer germs any more than a doorknob or money.
  • It does not invade privacy; it guarantees it.
  • The enrollment process requires three or more reads to collect enough information to create a template.

Proper Hand Placement

For correct and consistent hand reads, it is very important that your hand is placed on the platen in the same manner every time. The following rules apply for proper hand placement on the platen.

  • If you are wearing a ring, rotate the ring so the stone faces up in its normal position.
  • Slide your right hand onto the platen rather like an airplane landing at the airport.
  • Slide your hand forward until the web between your index and middle finger stops against the web pin.
  • Keep your hand flat. You should feel the surface of the platen on your palm and the underside of your fingers.
  • Close your fingers together until they touch the finger pins and watch the hand diagram light display on the top panel. See image below.
  • The lights go out when you have properly placed your fingers. If a light remains on, a finger is not in proper contact with its finger pin.

Hand Placement.png

Left Hand Enrollment

Some right hands cannot be used in the HandPunch due to disabilities such as missing fingers. You can enroll a user with the left hand facing palm side up. The techniques for left hand enrollment are the same as for standard enrollment. The user should keep the back of the hand flat against the platen and move the fingers against the web pin and the finger pins in the same manner as in standard enrollment. Users enrolled with the left hand must always verify with the left hand. Extra practice on placing the hand on the platen may be required to ensure correct, consistent hand reads.

Simple Troubleshooting

  • Correct hand placement is critical to successful enrollment and punching. The hand should be placed flat on the platen, with the fingers touching the pins. If a red light is lit, then the person being enrolled is not touching that pin with their finger.
  • The wrist should be visible when punching. If the wrist is not visible then clothing might block the camera from successfully scanning the hand.
  • The HandPunch needs to be kept clean. See HandPunch Maintenance for maintenance and cleaning instructions.

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